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One Test Shows How Healthy You Truly Are

Our testing reveals changes in you blood before you have symptoms. Then, we offer evidence-based solutions for optimal health

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What Is Science Based Nutrition?

Science Based Nutrition is a patented blood & nutrition test that analyzes your unique biochemistry. We mail an all-in-one testing kit to your home anywhere in the United States, and you provide a painless sample that is analyzed with lab testing. Dr. Jumper reviews your blood panel and nutrition test results, recommending solutions you can implement today that target the root of your health.

Step One

Complete the form below. Answer basic questions about your health, lifestyle, and goals, along with any health concerns you want to address with our comprehensive nutrition level testing and blood panel test.

Step Two

We call you to schedule a consultation and provide you a link to fill out a confidential patient history online. During the consult, Dr. Hales reviews your information and determines what testing is most appropriate to determine our underlying health issues.

Step Three

Follow step-by-step instructions for sample collection. The labs sends us your results directly and Dr. Hales will review your test results with you and provide crucial insights into your health, and recommend proven, natural and specific solutions for you deficiencies, imbalances and/or toxicities.

Our comprehensive nutrition panel lab testing provides an in depth analysis to discover nutritional deficiency, malnutrition and micronutrient deficiencies. Get critical health insights into your nutrient levels and the guidance you need with our Science Based Nutrition test.

Nourish, protect, and Renew the health of your body from the comfort of home.

Get started today!

How do you feel today compared to 10 years ago?

What would you like to achieve through Science Based Nutrition?

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